The Battle of Lepanto

This script was written as a puppet show.  It enacts the events of October 7, 1571, when a Christian armada fought valorously and victoriously against a larger naval force of Muslims who were bent on conquering all of Europe.  About 40 minutes in length.

Becket by Tennyson

Full-length drama about the great St.Thomas Becket and his conflict with his erstwhile friend, King Henry II of England.  St. Thomas upheld the rights of the church which Henry wished to usurp.  The play ends with the courageous martyrdom of the saint.  Roles for 22+ males and 3 females.

Clovis,The King

Full length drama about a  violent 5th century  barbarian king bent on conquering  the land of the Gauls.  He meets and marries the courageous and virtuous Clotilde, and through trials and prayer is finally converted and baptized as a Catholic.  True life historical figures include St. Genevieve, St. Remigius, and clovis for poster Ithe relatives of Clovis and Clotilde.  This play has many significant roles for your ensemble cast, with  some very great parts for girls.  Highlights  include a rousing opening quarterstaff fight, the hilarious courtship of Clovis with three foreign princesses, a tearful episode of the death of a child,  a huge battle scene, and the glorious finale of a mass Baptism ceremony.

110 minutes in length

10 parts for femalesIMG_5079

13 + parts for males.

1 part (the professor) can be male or female

Some can be doubled.  Extra soldiers for the battle and baptism scenes are recommended .



The Count and the Chimney Sweep

About 25 minutes. Written as a puppet show. The story takes place in 1793 during the Reign of Terror in Paris. A poor chimney sweep courageously returns the kindness an aristocrat had shown him in previous years by helping him escape from unjust prison to safety. The play portrays the message that both those in the lowest classes of society as well as the highest can have a noble and generous spirit. Cast: 10 males.



This play depicts the most dramatic episodes of Cardinal Wiseman’s lengthy 19th century novel about Christianity in the days of the worst persecutions under Emperor Diocletian. It is an ensemble work, with excellent roles for both males and females. The title character is a rich, worldly Roman lady who learns to underIMG_0675.CR2stand the truth of the new faith from her interactions with exemplary Christians. The audience meets the unforgettable martyrs St. Tarcissius, St. Cecilia, St. Agnes, St. Pancratius, and St. Sebastian. Opposing the saints are a line-up of villains such as the cruel emperor Galerius, the ruthless spy Orontius, the drunken Fabius, the scheming slave Jubala, and the loutish thug Corvinus. Scenes that feature conversations about virtue and faith are juxtaposed with many lively scenes with action, even torture and stabbings, and a number of violent arguments. Actors are sure to enjoy the chance to make all these vivid characters come to life.

90 to 100 minutes in length.

8 + parts for females

11 +  parts for males, some can be doubled

In addition, the Street kids, petitioners, waiter, courier, and Christians are parts which can be played by either males or females. These parts can be doubled.


The Horse at Troy

A short  play about the siege of Troy from the ancient Greek story.   A cast of 12.


Joan of Arc from the Court Record

About 8 minutes of the dramatic testimony at the trial of Joan of Arc.


Mary Stuart, A Tragedy by Friedrich Schiller (English Translation)

Excellent drama highlighting the  politics and conflict between the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots and the  Protestant Queen Elizabeth I of England.


The Sword and Shield of Christendom

This play was written as a puppet show. The cast has a narrator in addition to 10 male roles. The story, which is based on events in the 15th century, depicts the efforts of the Christian Scanderbeg to fight for the Christian faith against the Muslim Turks in Turkey and Albania.